Kitchen Remodel Planning

When you’re looking to remodel you need to look at more than just the style. For most homes the first factor in what you can have in your kitchen is space. Obviously with a bigger kitchen you can have more than you could with a small kitchen. Figuring out what features you want will help you get an idea of what to do. The next step is layout. Knowing where everything can go will help you maximize what you can have. The last step is style, because a kitchen should be functional before all else. Style is just as important as functionality because of how important a kitchen is, but if your kitchen is hard to work in. The look might not last as long as you would like as accidents can occur and stain or damage your new kitchen. The expert design staff at Kitchen Village can help in all those steps. Picking out appliances that work with the space you have, laying it out to maximize efficiency, and working with you to design the kitchen of your dreams.

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The first step is knowing where things can go. Having an island in a kitchen might be nice, but an island in your kitchen leaves only a foot of space around it or will obstruct to much, it can be more of a pain than you would like. Improper layout can also restrict more than just movement in a kitchen, like if a doorway becomes blocked by a new addition or a different size appliance, getting in and out can be harder as well. This is why knowing the working area you have in your kitchen is important in planning your next remodel.

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The next step is planning out where things will go. Having a stove right next to a refrigerator might seem like a good thing, but when using the stove it would heat up the refrigerator making it warmer, or having a microwave right next to a sink might be a bad idea. Proper kitchen layout will not only keep things safe, but will help while cooking. This is more apparent if there are multiple people in the kitchen. Having two appliances next to each other in a corner often means only one can be used at a time, but just moving one over can allow both to be used at the same time.

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Once you know how your kitchen will plan out and where everything goes. Deciding on what works with your plan is next. A stove that looks great, but almost twice the size that you can have might be tempting, but having an improperly sized stove can cause problems. The same can be said for one that is smaller than you planned for, though with remodeling you can often make exceptions for smaller easier than bigger. Having a plan also helps to pick appliances that go together, as most appliance makers match styles based on the different size of appliances making matching appliances easier to get.

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While the steps above do look simple, actually the truth is very different. Planning all of the remodeling steps out can be very stressful. One of the ways to take the stress off you is to talk to someone who does it every day. The expert design staff at Kitchen Village can help you with every step of your remodel process, including dealing with the contractors who are doing the work. Don’t add stress to your life. Call Kitchen Village today and talk to a professional designer today!

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