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There is no other room that has evolved more over the past 50 years than the kitchen. At Kitchen Village, we will help you design your dream kitchen. From a closed-off culinary workspace to a more open-concept entertainment hub, kitchens have become the heart of virtually every household as the place where families and friends spend most of their time together. With over 25 years of kitchen remodeling experience in Hoffman Estates, Illinois you can trust us with your kitchen remodeling job.

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Top Benefits of Remodeling your Kitchen

Improved Function and Efficiency
Kitchen remodeling allows you to explore new designs and improve the functionality of your Hoffman Estates kitchen. With new and innovative design features, most new kitchens today have much more storage and improved function than previous ones. Our award-winning designers can look at the space you have and help you make the most of it. The kitchen is one of the busiest parts of the home, so optimizing its layout and storage can have a significant impact on your everyday life!

Increased Visual Appeal
A kitchen remodel can turn your current room into a vibrant new living space which makes your Hoffman Estates kitchen much more visually appealing! It’s a great time to express your personality, take advantage of your home’s design, and follow the latest trends in style. If you’d like inspiration, we can help you choose the best cabinets, countertop materials, color schemes, and finishes for your kitchen.

Added Resale Value
Not only will you get to enjoy a beautiful new kitchen now while you live in it, but remodeling your kitchen will significantly increase the value of your home and allow you to recoup much of the cost incurred when the time comes to sell it.
Designers and real estate brokers all agree that a kitchen can “make” or “break” a sale. It is often the first and last room potential buyers look at when they visit and it is a strong deciding factor to interested buyers. Remodeling your Hoffman Estates kitchen is one of the best long-term investments you can make!

Obtain your Dream Home
Remodeling your Hoffman Estates kitchen is one of the best ways to build your dream home, right where you are, without the hassle of moving. Particularly if you’ve never remodeled before, this is the perfect opportunity to explore your options and choose a design you love!

Kitchen Village is ready to help you with your new kitchen design and remodel. Please click on our gallery page to see more examples of kitchens we have designed.

“Kitchen Village transformed my old kitchen into something fabulous in 4 weeks.excellent quality cabinets and Carol was a gem to work with she had every detail covered and was in constant contact with me. Shout out to Chris with his excellent work and brought my dog treats everyday. Very nice and trustworthy company since we work full time, and couldn’t be home, now we want them to update our bathrooms!”
Lori B.

Kitchen Village has designed and installed new kitchens in two houses for us. Their excellent designers and skilled craftsmen do beautiful work. It is a great feeling to sign a contract and know that the work will be done expertly. Their name is a bit of a misnomer, because Kitchen Village will fulfill all of your remodeling needs, not just kitchens. We were so pleased with our first kitchen, that we hired them again and began planning before moving in to our new house. We recommend Kitchen Village without reservation. If we ever move again, they will be the first people that we call.
Robert S.

“Kitchen Village did a very good job in designing and remodeling our kitchen. Jim, the owner, responded immediately to all issues that occurred during the work. We are very pleased with the final results and would certainly use this company again.”
Patrick F.


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